Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tratamento natural da perda de cabelo para as mulheres - 6 Dicas para ter em mente

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So are those long, precious strands of yours starting to get thinner and thinner and are falling off like dead leaves in autumn? It's time to put a little "spring" to your precious locks so that you won't end up being bald after several years. Start finding solutions right away because the clock is ticking. Perhaps you already know a lot of certain tips and options when it comes to natural hair loss treatment for women. But why go the natural route? Are those artificial means like commercial products and surgery not effective?

The reason why most people try natural options first when it comes to treating issues regarding their hair is because they consider those natural means safer than most artificial treatment options. It should also be noted that women (as well as men) try natural treatment methods first and continue on with the artificial ones if the former does not bring desired results. So why don't you explore these six useful tips to save your precious locks:


Perhaps the most basic and most natural hair loss treatment for women and men alike is information. Getting informed is the very first step to take if you want to fight against hair loss. You need to be well-informed to be able to find solutions and make the right decision. It's a good thing that nowadays, information sits at our fingertips.


Don't forget to drink enough water daily. It should be 8-10 glasses a day. A lot of people ignore the significance of water in our system. Water helps in promoting normal blood circulation. Don't you know that your scalp and hair follicles benefit a lot from proper blood circulation? Instead of drinking alcoholic beverages and other stuff, consume the right amount of water. This will also help reduce instances of dehydration. Equally important tip: it's not advisable to drink too much water as well.


Do you want to treat hair loss naturally? Start with a proper diet plan. One of the main causes of the thinning and falling of your tresses is hormonal imbalance. This problem involving your hormones usually appears when you don't eat the right kinds of food with the right amount. Focus more on healthy foods and minimize the intake of junk foods and sweets.

Vitamin Supplements

You may have already known that certain supplements like those rich in Vitamins A, C, E and the B vitamins (Inositol, Biotin, etc.) can help promote safe and effective hair growth. This really makes sense if you have vitamin deficiency because that can contribute to the loss of your beloved curls as well.

Stress-reduction Techniques

We all know that stress is a silent killer so why not kill this thing whenever it surfaces? There are great stress-reduction techniques that you can try like going to a spa, taking a nice, warm bath, doing yoga or meditation and giving yourself a scalp massage. Whatever it takes to get that stress out of your system, do it. Experts have linked stress to hormonal imbalance and you don't want that in you.

Herbal Remedies

Perhaps you have heard about a certain suggestion that involves drinking rosemary tea. Herbal remedies may help you battle hair loss as long as you follow the instructions as they are. Some other herbs that you can use are nettle roots, ginseng and saw palmetto. Find out more herbal remedies that can promote healthy growth of your hair.

Those are some of the common tips and options regarding natural hair loss treatment for women. Try these things first before considering buying artificial products or treatments. Come to think of it. These things can be pretty effective but won't cost you a lot of money, just awareness and discipline on your part.

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